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Photo Prayer / September 2020

“Watch for something wonderful!” Those words came to me in a dream four days ago. I woke happily expectant, believing they might be a premonition. Now I wonder, why should I have to watch for it? If it will be so wonderful, won’t it be obvious? Apparently not! Think of me as Mr. Oblivious. I often cannot see things right in front of me. Picture me in a comedy skit. Jesus returns, the universe is in convulsions, but I don’t notice. That’s me! So if voices in dreams are speaking, why choose someone so often befogged, telling them to keep their eyes peeled? I do not know, yet all the same, I am watching. It will be wonderful! Photo of drinking glass and red plastic cup on sunlit countertop. To comment, CLICK HERE.

Photo copyright 2019; text, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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