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More Sun Spots

Links to Destination Sites Worthy of Attention


  • Blood, Sweat, and Tedium: Confessions of a Hollywood Juicer, tales of life below decks in the film and television industry, by Michael Taylor 

  • Texas Observer, firebrand of liberal Texas, home of Ronnie Dugger, Molly Ivins, Billy Lee Brammer, Willie Morris and Jim Hightower among others.

  • Texas Monthly magazine, Texas' long time award winning compendium of everything Texas. 

  • Cartoon Art Museumseems rather self explanatory.

  • South Austin Popular Culture Center, collects, conserves, and exhibits vintage posters and live music ephemera from the 1960s through today.

  • Letters at 3am Press, independent press of writers publishing writers.

  • Remember Old Austin?, Lots of us do.

  • Priceonomics, the Website that attempts to explain some of the bullshit.

  • The Dallas Arts Review, long time high quality journal of the Dallas arts scene.

  • Rag Radio, Thorne Dreyer's syndicated show that originates on KOOP-FM in Austin. With links to all podcasts.

  • The Rag Blog, digital age rebirth of Austin's pioneering '60s-'70s underground newspaper.

  • Eve and the Exiles Band, "This is Texas music that wraps its warm arms around the whole tradition of the Lone Star State. And never looks back." - Bill Bentley 

  • J.R. Compton, fantastic bird photos.

  • Dan Hubig Illustration, humorous, serious, loose and lively images.

  • J.R. Compton, compelling movie reviews.

  • Dean Rindy, RindyMiller Media, consultants to decent Democrats anywhere.

  • Austin Chronicle, Austin's great "alt" newspaper, followed in the wandering footsteps of the Austin Sun.

  • Larry Gonick, world class cartoonist, historian and scientist. 

  • Mary Roach, can science writing possibly be intelligent & funny? .... Yes! 

  • Michael Bartalos, amazingly fun and fascinating illustrations, designs and fine art.

  • Ward Schumaker & Vivienne Flesher, illustrators and fine artists worth paying attention to. 

  • California Magazine, intelligent, insightful and totally interesting.

  • Michi Toki, exquisite designer, lovely person ... or lovely designer, exquisite person ... take your pick.

  • Dorothy Yule, visual, word and book artist of the first order. 

  • Mark Ulriksen, beautiful paintings (particularly the baseball & dog images!) many for The New Yorker. 

  • Michael Wertz, artist who combines humor with perfect, yet quirky design.

  • Henrik Drescher, illustrator, fine artist, world traveler.

  • Jacob Garchik, musician, composer, inspiration.

  • Bill Russell, illustrator, fine artist, humanist. 

  • Jim Parkinson, type design genius .... and a painter of exquisite sign landscapes.

  • John Hersey, illustrator & fine artist combo that challenges both categories. 

  • Marcos Sorensen, illustrator-artist, creator of Jeeves (of Ask Jeeves) and reflector of the haute courant. 

  • Bob Staake, master of the simple yet fascinating form.

  • Marsh Theater, only monologues but it's the best theater in San Francisco.

  • Isabel Samaras, artist with a gleaming eye for the sensual, erotic & neurotic .... beautiful!

  • Laurie Wigham, watercolor artist, info-graphics whiz and leader of S.F. Sketchers.

  • Maureen Gosling, documentary filmmaker, long time associate of filmmaker Les Blank.

  • John Mattos, master of illustration.

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