World War III

January 8, 2020

Vietnam: Getting In / Getting Out

July 26, 2019

The Rent Horse Kid

June 16, 2019

Never Another / Roky Erickson, R.I.P.

June 13, 2019

Ventura at 4AM / THIS USA: Origins

July 12, 2018

From the Oil Patch to the Sun: Nick Russell's Early Photography

October 18, 2017

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June 30, 2020

        (not a poem, just a prattle)

~ with apologies to Bob Wills and Asleep at the Wheel ~

Who's that guy with the red tie on? Some folks call him Donnie 

Might even get elected again, although he is a phony

Send hi...

June 25, 2020

Look at me! Look at me! cry the blossoms of the weeping cherry. I was on my way to watch morning prayer on the Internet when the flowers ambushed me with their glory. Look at me! Look at me! cry the daffodils. Even though the sl...

June 14, 2020

April 4, 1968 – New York City

As you press on for justice, be sure to move with

dignity and discipline, using only the weapon of love.

Let no man pull you so low as to hate him. Always avoid violence.

If you succumb to the temptat...

Madison Grant (Yale College 1887, Columbia Law School) liked to be photographed with a fedora, or just his dauntingly long head, tilted about thirty degrees to the right. He belonged, like his political ally Teddy Roosevelt, to...

June 10, 2020

My sometimes exciting career as an Austin cab driver began in 1977 when, looking for something better from a base of zero, I walked to 90 East Avenue, home of Roy’s Taxi, for the shortest job interview I’ve ever had. East Avenue...

That highly anticipated first sip of morning coffee had just crossed my lips when I involuntarily spewed it out Danny Thomas style, in what the vaudevillians used to call a “spit take.” The action was not for comic effect, but o...

This column is about walking alone in nature. Mostly with an inclusive idea of what constitutes “nature”—the degraded urban wilderness of empty lots, traffic islands, and the trash-strewn floodplains of rivers that flow through...

May 28, 2020

Let heaven decide our place in the world while we decide to be happy in it. Let us ask, what place is this? Let us ask, who are these people? Let us explore this place, trusting there are treasures to be unearthed and extraordin...

May 26, 2020

An Ongoing Series

 A compendium of thoughts, reflections, asides or just whatever

 from a variety of writers, artists & everyday folks, during the Pandemic

Survival in Nature

by Dave Moriaty

From here, the city no longer roars. At ni...

The coyotes have been getting rowdy this week. Monday night we heard one of those insane banshee chorales—a sudden eruption of alien screams from the dark woods behind the factories, so close that you’re sure you could see them...

May 17, 2020

Charlie Loving is an artist, cartoonist, spelunker, authentic eccentric, Veteran, world traveler, and the former Sports Editor of the Round Rock Leader. He was also organizer and manager of Austin’s most oddball softball team (t...

May 11, 2020

Joe Ely    

Love in the Midst of Mayhem

Is it possible after 50 years to make the very best album of a long and illustrious career? If you’re Joe Ely it absolutely is. With this new release, recorded in the long shadow of the...

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'Round the 'Net

A mob of the MAGA persuasion

Conducted a statehouse invasion.

Though heavily armed,

They parted unharmed,

And that's how you know they're Caucasian.

Poster Artist

Micael Priest

A Short Film

by Bob Simmons

Micael Priest's work was one of the hallmarks of a special time in Austin. He made the art that drew the crowds to hear the music that made a city. He made us all a little richer just by strokes of a pen


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The RAT File 
Jeffrey Nightbyrd Shero
Short films and stories about the political & social turmoil in the 60's as seen thru the New York underground newspaper RAT
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