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WHY NOT? / What is Real?

Editor's Note: Due to a software glitch, this piece will appear both here, as a stand alone article and also as a part of the Coronavirus Chronicles series.

Oh Happy Day!

The Mennonite gardeners have returned to caring for the acreage at the Presbyterian Church across the street. Or have they always been there? And if so where have I been? Am I simply watching a high-budget reality show featuring a peaceful religious cult? Or am I in the show as a star, or just a bit player passing through? I hope I am at least a regular whose own storyline is important. Is this the story of the Mennonites, or the story of the strange couple across the street feeding peanuts to the squirrels and Jays while watching the Mennonites mowing and trimming? Is it possible that two separate shows, from two different networks are somehow overlapping into one so-called reality? If so, are you in our show, or are we just occasional contributors to yours? Do you have an entirely independent third show and I have been cut from it for budgetary reasons? At least I hope I haven’t been dropped for creative differences. Is it possible that I may be watching too much TV and have lost touch with reality? Perhaps we should turn to the main question that has haunted primates since the monolith first appeared to the apes ~ WHAT IS REALITY??!!??

Oh never mind, I think I’ll just have another cup of coffee and grab some more peanuts.

CUT TO: The Kitchen - Day

The old fat man looks puzzled. Why has he entered the house?


A squirrel peering in through the kitchen window.


A look of recognition crosses his gray, sagging face. He goes to the pantry and pulls out an enormous bag of peanuts.


James BigBoy Medlin © 2020

James BigBoy Medlin was the sports writer for the original Austin Sun. His column was called "Why Not?"


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