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Photo Prayer / March 2020

Photo:  Danny N. Schweers © 2020

My wife and I, excluded, stand on the wrong side of a frosted-glass wall. It separates us from those on the other side who are enjoying a good meal. We were turned away! Are we angry? Envious? Do we feel left out? Not at all! It is our own fault we cannot get in. We simply did not make reservations. We were enjoying the day at our own speed and did not want to be tied to a time table. God help me, my thoughts often go to extremes. I wonder how many go without, but in a big way, excluding themselves from most of life, avoiding schedules and obligations, shaking off disciplines of every kind. Should we pity them, these unfettered souls looking for a raft and their own Mississippi?


Photo of the diffused shadows of diners at a restaurant at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photograph and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers

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