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Outside Sources / Journalist, 12, faces off with police officer who threatened to arrest her

Hilde Lysiak filmed the encounter with an Arizona marshal,

demanding to know what crime she was being accused of.

It sounds like something from children’s fiction: a 12-year-old intrepid journalist who fights off threats from the mob and local police to self-publish the truth about her local area in her own newspaper. Hilde Lysiak: 'Just because I’m nine doesn’t mean I can’t do a great story' But Hilde Lysiak, the editor of the Orange Street News, is the real deal. In 2016, when she was just nine years old, she broke the story of a homicide in her hometown of Selinsgrove, Arizona, interviewing witnesses and locals hours before other news outlets had ever reached the scene. Hilde’s scoop became a bigger story than the murder. Since then she has broken exclusives on rapes, robberies and a roaming mountain lion as well as fending off threatening text messages after reporting on an alleged drug dealer.

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