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A Deplorable Situation

Another bone to the deplorable dogs: he's now on record that it's "foolish" to tear down Confederate statues. Once someone goes after him, no matter what the subject, he can't let it drop. It's Oval Office-level picking at scabs, and you know where that leads. The sore never heals, and infection sets in. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I can't help feeling (hoping) that this habit will eventually do him ill.

As for the deplorables, how correct, how on the mark, Hillary was in her choice of words, and how tragic it is that they deprived her and us of what I fully believe would have been an admirable presidency. The people empowered by Trump are the drunken bottom feeders in American society, the self-pitying slobs who have never experienced a moment of empathy in their lives. They are his mirror.

They are also, quite literally, the direct beneficiaries of slavery's obscene constitutional legacy. To calm the collective nerves of southerners, the Founders established an electoral college that would protect slave-holding states from the vastly more populous North. Hence the system that put Trump in the White House, despite Clinton's multi-million vote victory in the popular vote. A few thousand racist and misogynist lunkheads in a few states carried the day. It was the same woeful constitutional nod to the Deplorable's ancestors that permanently awarded thuggish Mississippi (pop 7,600 in 1800) and Alabama (pop 1,250) the same number of senators (2) as New York (pop 589,000) and Pennsylvania (pop 603,000). Think about that: 4 Senate votes representing less than 9,000 people in the two smallest southern states, and 4 Senate votes representing almost 1.2 million people in the two largest northern states.

We're still burdened with that absurd mess 218 years later. California (pop 37 million) 2 Senate seats; New York (pop 19.8 million) 2 Senate seats. Mississippi (pop 2.9 million) 2 Senate seats, Alabama (pop 4.8 million) 2 Senate seats.


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