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The Ted Cruz Tragedy

I know that many, many people are distraught about the Presidential election. But the one person in particular I feel bad for is Ted Cruz.

Cruz certainly counted on the Trump campaign’s going down in flames. He had so longed to be the one to plunge the nation into fascism; eliminate women’s governance of their own bodies; bully and intimidate minorities; obliterate the division of church and state; reward the very wealthy with a healthy tax cut; erase all gun control; weaken freedom of the press; and put the final touches on the destruction of our planet’s environment. Now, barring a miracle, Donald Trump will achieve those goals and leave poor Ted’s dreams of glory smoldering with the ashes of American civility.

The ascension of Trump dumps even more on Cruz’s identity. His role as chief obstructionist will be greatly impaired. If he cannot lead the charge to paralyze the Federal Government, who exactly is Ted Cruz?

Now the man who insulted Ted’s wife and fingered his father as a conspirator in the JFK assassination, is the new darling of the lunatic fringe. And he probably will be for the foreseeable future.

So when you are moaning about your loss of rights, or the cut in your hard-earned benefits, take a moment to appreciate what Ted has lost. Unless he is even more diabolical than I thought, Ted Cruz will be denied his ultimate fantasy – presiding over the End of Days.

James BigBoy Medlin © 2016

James BigBoy Medlin was the sports writer for the original Austin Sun. His column was called "Why Not?"

Photo Collage: Dan Hubig @ 2016


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