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the Rat File
Jeffrey Nightbyrd Shero
Jeffrey Nightbyrd Shero, before founding the Austin Sun in 1974 created RAT: Subterranean News in New York City. RAT published from 1968 to 1970, the most intense period of the counter culture movement. The journalists, photographers & artists involved reported on the most important cultural and political events of that time, including: the insurrection at Columbia University, the Woodstock music festival, the massive antiwar demonstrations at the Chicago Democratic Convention, the Black Panthers and other ghetto insurrections, the draft resistance and antiwar underground movement, the Weatherman bombings, the creation of the Yippies, the rise of the women’s liberation movement, the Stonewall gay riots and early environmental movements.
Jeff has made a series of short films about the people and events of that time. Here are a few ...

More information about RAT:

Jeffrey Nightbyrd Shero discusses Rat Subterranean News and it’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement and it’s parallel oppressive system.

Jeffrey Nightbryd Shero editor and contributor of Rat Subterranean News talks about the similarities in regards to racism and segregation in the north. The parallel oppression that continued in the north and south was simply seen under the veil of a better veneer in the north.

Jeffrey reflects on his time with Allen Ginsberg, one of the great beat poets of the 20th century.

In this video Jeff talks about working with Ginsberg, the Jack Kerouac Festival at Naropa University, a 

Buddhist lesson in telling the truth and helping the needy.

RAT suffered from the FBI and CIA campaign to eliminate the underground press and the Vietnam anti war movement.


Stories and photos on William S. Burroughs who was a regular contributor to RAT Subterranean News.
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