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New Documentary Film: The Poster Boys

A new feature length documentary by Bob Simmons

San Francisco's '60s psychedelic poster scene is legendary but Austin, Texas also produced a poster art revival that was equal to any. A tight group of renegade local artists created their own vibrant and wholly original vision of music posters. Drawing on classic drawing techniques but combined with a modern sense of humor, place and surrealism, these young artists helped to create an identity for generations of young people and ultimately for an entire city and state.

The Poster Boys is the story of the artists who pooled their talent to make a cultural revolution in Austin. From the late 60’s to the present day they have made several thousand images advertising the music that made the city famous, and making the moral of ‘be careful what you wish for’ a poignant point to ponder. Click on the top-most image to watch The Poster Boys, a one hour-and eleven-minute trip back to Texas to visit with the guys who made their mark in the world.


Bob Simmons © 2020

Bob Simmons is a (re)tired broadcaster, concert promoter, photographer, voice actor, artiste manqué, who believes facts have a liberal bias. Bob splits his time between Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA. His motto is, “Pray for a secular future.”

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