Marching in the Bay Area

January 24, 2017






The crowd at the street car stop a few blocks from my house was excited. They were also numerous, maybe 30 individuals, when normally there usually less than 6. When the street car pulled up and it was clear that it was too full already for anyone to get in, we decided to walk to the subway station about a mile away. There we crammed ourselves into a car that was so full that one did not have to hold on, because it would be impossible to fall down even if you wanted to. Asshole to elbow, as my dad used to say... and thus the march day began.

It was a cool gray day with strong showers, about as bad as it gets in the Bay Area. However, the mood of the

200,000 or so people who marched in Oakland and San Francisco that


 afternoon was buoyant. The enthusiasm and relief was palpable. It was a great day.


Brian Sulkis, a former editor at the San Francisco Chronicle attended both rallies, conveniently organized, time wise, to allow strong people to get to both. Brian loves words, he collects words, and the books they come in, in rather overwhelming quantities. He takes a similar approach to images, especially images with words. Brian focused his attention (and camera) on the signs in the marches. One can delineate  many differences between the political left and right in this country, but one that is inescapable is humor. The Left has it in abundance. The insight, seriousness, fun, zaniness and down right lunacy captured in these personal messages is truly uplifting.   Thanks Brian!


- Dan Hubig


















All Photos: Brian Sulkis © 2017


Brian Sulkis, author of "Rookie Mistakes to Avoid on Your Deathbed" and "Spiritual Downsizing," is currently editing his memoirs from 700,000 pages to a single haiku, which should be available in the fall. He's available for peak-occasion photography, specializing in satoris, mid-life crises, and retirement parties for lottery-winners. He can be reached at


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