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Photo Prayer / August 2016

If you have two feet, use them.

If you have wheels, set them spinning.

The train’s at the station,

the ship’s ready to sail,

the plane will soon depart.

Pray to God, the Lord of corns and blisters,

of flat tires and traffic jams,

of train wrecks, high seas, and storms.

Travel is seldom easy.

Practice patience.

Expect delays and detours.

Look for help from strangers.

Photo of grounded airliners in Texas thunderstorm.

Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

Danny N. Schweers © 2016

Danny N. Schweers teaches photo classes at the Delaware Museum of Art, is a member in the Washington Printmakers Gallery in D.C., and is president of the Brandywine Photo Collective. He was a staff member of the original Austin Sun.


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