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Still Relevant / Judicial Restraint

I discontinued the syndication of my political drawings some 30 years ago .... however, it's surprising (and depressing) to me to see how many of those images remain relevant. So, as a signpost to the future, here's a bit of the past ...

Judicial Restraint, 1978 Newspaper Syndication

Judicial Restraint

(Dan Hubig©1984)

"Judicial Restraint" has been the battle cry of the Republican Party since the civil rights decisions of the Warren Court and, later, Roe v Wade. It was supposed to be about keeping the courts from legislating from the bench. This attempt to create a Supreme Court that only "called balls and strikes" resulted in a right-leaning court that took direct aim at the civil rights legislation that the liberal courts had established. The attempts to direct the court have only intensified over the years, culminating in the current stand-off between President Obama and the Republican House of Representatives.

© Dan Hubig, 2016

Dan Hubig is an illustrator and street photographer

who lives in San Francisco, California.

Illustrations / Dan Hubig© 2016


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