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Danny N. Schweers

I recently stopped trying to be a Renaissance man, with hands in politics, religion, art, and education. I was chair of the town assembly here in the utopian village of Arden, Delaware. I was on a school board. I was on the Episcopal bishop's staff. I was doing all of that at once and making my living as a freelance website designer. Now I am trying to limit myself to photography, which may just be a wide enough arena to keep me in bounds. 

I teach photo classes at the Delaware Museum of Art, am a member in the Washington Printmakers Gallery in D.C., and am president of the Brandywine Photo Collective. Every week I add text to one of my photos and email these Photo Prayers to subscribers. I have been doing this since 2007, a surprising feat for someone so easily distracted.


Wood carving of Danny Schweers by Joe Henry

Published in the Austin Sun:

Photo Prayer / Photo Series

- (August, 2016)

(July 25, 2016)

- (June 22, 2016)

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